Indian Creek/Carrollton Homeowners Association, Inc. is a community located in northwest Carrollton, Texas, consisting of 7 neighborhoods and 1,359 homes. The Association maintains a community clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, playground and pond located at 1689 Bandera Drive, Carrollton, TX 75010, as well as common areas throughout the community.

The Association is run by a 5-member volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is supported by several committees and the community is managed by Excel Association Management, Inc. Excel provides part-time, on-site management along with 24-hour, 7- day per week off-site support.

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Indian Creek HOA

News From the Board

Your HOA Board is currently working/ completed the following projects:


Entrance Landscaping at each of the 7 neighborhoods – we have finalized a contract so that we can move forward to update and beautify our entrances.

Maintenance on the Pergola in the pool area is complete.

Stage Maintenance is complete.

The tennis courts have been resurfaced, plus we have pickleball.

Parking lot at the clubhouse has been repaired.

Irrigation and Plumbing repairs have been made from the freeze damage.

Clubhouse and pool have reopened.

Repaired Fence and Masonry on Harper Lane Common Area.

Upcoming Events

Ice Cream Social - August 13th

It's still hot! Enjoy an ice cream on ice while you cool off in the community pool.  







Food Truck Night - October 8th

An annual favorite - food, music, the outdoors!




Complete 2022 Socials Calendar

What else is on the 2022 Social Events Calendar, you might wonder? Check out the calendar and save those dates.

Community Update

Well first off - welcome to our new web page.  The board has been working very hard to increase communication within the HOA resident community.

Please register for updates on our web page so you can get timely updates on social events, meetings and new rules that effect you and all Indian Creek HOA residents.

Our social committee has been doing an incredible job providing great entertainment for our residents.  The comedy night was off the chain funny!

This years freeze was hard on our neighbors, but through the pain there are some beautiful results.  Many residents have updated the landscaping in their yards and the results are fantastic. Thank you!

The HOA has been providing time for residents to clear their dead bushes.  We will be requiring the dead bushes to be removed by this fall, so please plan accordingly.

You will find plenty of contact information on our new site. Please reach out with any questions and concerns.  We are here to make our community better for everyone.

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Board of Directors

Marvin Reader – President
Nan Risley – Vice President
Bert Butkus – Treasurer
Ed Bowen – Secretary
Renee Munger – Member at Large


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Community Manager
Dylan Townsend

Onsite Contact

Tues 9am-5pm

Thur 12pm-5pm

 Fri 9am-12pm

Phone 972-394-6001
Goodwin 972-881-7488

Indian Creek Clubhouse

1689 Bandera Drive

Carrollton, TX 75010
Phone 972-394-6001

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We encourage all residents of Indian Creek HOA to register on this site to keep up to date on important community information.  We will be increasing the amount of communication from the board and committees to the residents.   If you want to know what's going on with community events, Covid-19 updates, HOA rules, meetings and other timely matters.  Register with the link below.  You can select your preferred communication of either email or text.  This list is used exclusively for communication between Indian Creek HOA and our residents.