Vendor Notes

Artwork - Vendors and sponsors can upload PDF or JPEG files for, coupons, vouchers and additional information. This will become a link on your vendor listing.  Vendor Friends

Vendor Registration - This is the first step in promoting your company with our HOA.  This forms the base directory for your company listing.  After you have registered as a provider, you may want to make modifications to your display, or attach (link) coupons or offers directly to the listing.  This can be completed by using our modification form.

Modifications - You can upload art through the vendor modification form in the footer also here. This is where you upload your coupon, voucher, additional information. 

Promotions - We can arrange for limited quantity promotions (Ex. first 10 people), contest, samples and email campaigns.

Sponsorships - the ability to participate in our community events, providing goods, literature, signage and personnel.

Marketing Support - our community committee is led by seasoned marketing professionals. Let us help you develop a strategy to drive business, lower your marketing cost and position you for local market domination. 

Modification Form - Upload additional art, coupons, PDF documents.  These uploads will attach to your listing as a link.  Request changes to your listing.  Request to talk with our team.  Cancel your listing.  Any general information about our relationship. 

Forms are located in the footer on every page.