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Landfill Updates

DFW Update:  February 2023 Ross Boring, Greta Calvery, Leigh Starlin, Misty Adams

Volume of MSW is down to about 450 tons per day. We will continue to cut back on tonnage as needed.  As of January, we only take internal WM volume.

Waste is currently filling the access road facing Railroad St.  We have changed our operating hours for internal tons only to Monday through Friday 6 am to 4 pm and Saturday 6 am to noon.  We have changed the signage and the front of the landfill and distributed flyers at the gate/scale house and at the drive through event before the end of the year to educate the public regarding the landfill closure to the public.

Hours may be reduced further as the landfill nears final completion.

We are bringing in soil to help with final cover. We will be reseeding about 90 acres of slope in the Spring.

Gas work for 2023 will be for header improvements and footage will vary as needed.  We are finished work on 60 acres of final cap.  All these areas will be seeded as we go.  We have completed seeding of all the capped areas.

We are planning to change our Power Plants to Renewable Natural Gas Facilities.  This will produce clean Natural Gas.  Equipment has been ordered.  In order to begin the process, we have replaced one of the enclosed flares and adding another.  We will have a total of 3 enclosed flares during construction.  We will continue the conversion of our Power Plants to RNG facilities and hope to be in operation in July/August.

We are working with the City of Lewisville on Permits and zoning. 

No odor complaints were received the past quarter that we are aware of, and no inspections completed.

There have been no requests for events or tours at the landfill since our last meeting.

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