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About Us

Community Committee

We have so many talented residents in the neighborhood. We all know great reliable vendors, a favorite local restaurant, landscaping tips or discovered government programs that can benefit us all. Together we can bring incredible value to our residents and HOA community. The community committee was built to allow residents like you to participate easily. Share your knowledge and contacts with neighbors. Just check out the groups below. I bet you can think of ideas, vendors or places as you read down the list. Share your thoughts - your neighbors will thank you.

Restaurant & Retail

Promotions for residents – must be special and of value exceeding regular promotions.

Happy Plumbers


Make it easier for residents to find reliable service providers. Better upkeep in and out of the house is better for the whole community.

Retail vendor

Golf Course Relations

A strong golf course is a benefit to our community. HOA Resident special rates, for golf, dinning and apparel. 

Golf Balls

Government Affairs

Dealing with State, County, City issues – focused on city.  A lot of power, benefits and money comes from government programs. 

Want some?

Reading a Newspaper
Water Sprinkler

Landscape Planning

Work to support the HOA residents with timely garden and lawn tips.

Talking over Coffee

Community Captains

Be the first to know!  

Looking for communication specialists - coffee talk style.

 A communication link between the community committees and the residents.  


How fun! Making people happy.  Share your ideas of bringing our community together with food and entertainment.

Tropical Party


This important committee keeps our neighborhood looking good.   We have an image to keep! 





Architectural Plans
Event Planning Team

Current New Projects

Our Community Committee has just been created. January 2023.Great time to get involved. Some great ideas already suggested are being implemented based on neighbor's input.   


Pet Registration Page: Register pet with photo, name and contact info - find a lost pet, look on the page and let your neighbor know - you found their pet. You just made a new best friend.

Vendor Portal: Suggesting vendors for different services. Need a vendor check our portal first. 

Restaurant Page: Links to favorite restaurants along with special offers for just our HOA.

Join Us: By join we mean share your knowledge. If you want to be on a committee even better. Committe members get business cards, to make it easier to spread the word. Meet neighbors and get recognition on our web page and emails for your efforts. 

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