Indian Creek HOA Committees

Indian Creek HOA is run by volunteers - fellow homeowners, neighbors working to make our community better for all residents.  We would love to have you be part of the team.  Share your thoughts, ideas, experience and expertise. These positions do not require face-to-face contact with residents.  Members are usually making sure community standards are being followed, answering residents questions and providing input to making our community a better place.  We depend on all our residents to make this a a great neighborhood.

Crime Watch Committee - we are bringing back the crime watch committee after the temporary suspension during COVID.  With many neighbors having video doorbells and cameras, we hope to establish a rapid replay program for solving possible crimes and establishing preventive measures.  Interaction with the neighborhood, police and city council.  Volunteer


Architectural Committee - Working on approving changes and upgrades to residents homes.  Making sure homeowners are maintaining the high standards of our neighborhood.  Working to establish new guidelines or clarifying existing guidelines for our residents. Volunteer


Landscape Committee - Oversees the maintenance tasks of all common area landscaping, communicating with the landscaping company and identifying special needs and actions necessary for the green space of our neighborhoods to thrive. Working on and approving changes and upgrades to residents landscape.  Making sure homeowners are properly maintaining their landscape within the neighborhood.  Working to establish new guidelines or clarifying existing guidelines for our residents. One of our most visible committees!  Volunteer

Social Committee - All the fun takes a lot of work.  Help coordinate and plan social activities for the HOA community.  Great team - we know you work hard and deserve our thanks for putting together such fun events.  Like to party? Come to our events! Like to organize? Join our committee.  Volunteer

NEW - Neighborhood Captains - We are looking for residents to represent their neighborhood at the HOA meetings.  Working to make sure each community has input.  Allows our residents to reach out to a local neighbor and express their thoughts.  If you are active in your neighborhood and know many of your neighbors, please consider being on the neighborhood board.  Each neighborhood group will select their captain.  Volunteer

New - Golf Course Committee - Residents will work with Coyote Ridge Golf course with community events, landscaping, golf course promotions.  Working to utilize a prized facility to promote our community, create value for our residents and increase our recreational benefits as a community. Volunteer